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Why is my battery draining so quickly?

On most devices, the app will be automatically stopped by your watch when the screen turns off. This prevents Sticky Toolkit from notifying you when something important happens. This is why we require the screen to stay on during the match.

It isn't the app itself that is using a lot of battery, but since Sticky Toolkit requests the screen to stay on, a notification might appear that the app is using a lot of battery.

We're constantly exploring options to improve the battery life, so always make sure you have the latest version of the app installed!

I've updated my Apple Watch, where did the app go?

This is very common under Apple Watch users, it looks like the app is gone and you can't reinstall the app via your phone. But there is a solution!

Make sure you open the Apple App Store on your watch, not on your phone. Search for 'Sticky Toolkit' in that App Store, and the possiblity to re-install the app should appear.

Didn't that solve your problem? Please contact us and mention the steps you took. We'd love to help you!

On my Galaxy Watch 4, I get the message that my watch is not supported?

The Galaxy Watch 4 is the first Samsung Watch that's powered by a different operating system. The earlier watches were powered by Samsung's own Tizen OS. The Galaxy Watch 4 is powered by Google's Android WearOS

Therefore, the old version of Sticky Toolkit, available in the Galaxy Store, doesn't work with the new Galaxy Watch 4.

However, you can download Sticky Toolkit for your Galaxy Watch 4 from the Play Store via this link on the homepage..

Why can't I pause the time in the soccer version?

The timer in soccer works a bit different than in hockey and korfball, since you need to control both the injury timer and the game timer with a single button.

To start/stop the injury timer, single press the 'back' button of your watch. To start/stop the game timer, quickly press the 'back' button twice. During a break, a single press is sufficient, since there is no injury timer than.

Stopping the game timer also makes an options button appear, allowing you continue to the next period, etcetera.

Can you add ... as a sport?

We're always open to improve the app. This includes bug fixes, enhancements, but also adding additional sports!

Please test all the other sports that are already integrated in the app, to make sure there is no other sport matching your requirements.

Do you have additional requirements that are currently missing? Please contact us via the contact form, and we'll look into it as soon as possible.

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